As entrepreneurs, we will create a powerhouse organization full of passionate owners who are excited to pilot campaigns, to expand to new territories, and to help each other grow.  We will not only be the hardest workers in the room but also the most ambitious.  We will be role models for the underdogs, the misfits, and the ones who were always told that they "couldn't".  We will be a catalyst in fields of business, sales, philanthropy, and communication.  


We will cherish innovation as a noble purpose. We will be renegades in our field, visionaries in our company, and idealists in our belief in our people.  We will always value guts and tenacity over brains or talent. We will take up everyday with the intention to help others and transpire change.  We will do this by not selling out to safety nets.  We will take risks. We will build an empire grounded in integrity, in passion, and a relentless desire to grow.  We will let passion be our master. We will make meaning  our currency.


We believe that the world needs more people who have found their passion.  We believe that the people who will be able to contribute to the world the most are the ones who have not only found their passion, but have chosen to pursue it.  As entrepreneurs, we understand our responsibility to not only develop ourselves to our own fullest potential but to help others to do the same.  By being invested in the development of others, we have the ability to change the world by creating leaders who do not fear their own aspirations. We will change the business by dedicating ourselves to the development of others, and through our everyday actions, we will live the legacy that we will leave behind.

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