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We had the pleasure of meeting Nelson and McKenzie recently as a potential customer of two of their clients (now a customer). The entire experience from the moment we spoke was exceptional, from the initial sale to the follow-us to make sure everything happened as expected. You can definitely tell they have a passion for what they do. Thank you Nelson and McKenzie!!

Farrah Bailey


Working for Alpha has given me the chance to take risks. I never imagined that I would find a job that encourages me to do what I love, and allows me to work in such a loving environment. It is true, Alpha is family. We all encourage each other and welcome individuals with open arms. I have never felt so accepted.

Ciara Cole


I love the environment, the people, and the opportunities with Alpha. These people are very much my family.

Leo Leon

Executive Trainer

Alpha Marketing is team-oriented, focused on a single goal, and has endless opportunities to grow, learn, and establish a foothold in the world.

Chris Cullen


This is seriously the best business I ever worked for. I have an amazing boss, an amazing Trainer that trained me to be the best and I have the most awesome co workers ever, they are my second family and I'm glad to have them in my life.

Jessica Mundt

Former Team Leader

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