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Nelson Peribanez

Founder and President

Nelson Peribanez is the President of Alpha Marketing Strategies.  He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and attended Arizona State University’s prestigious WP Carey’s Business School, where he majored in business management. After school, Nelson moved to Chicago to work in banking and securities with a well-known national bank.  After passing his series-7 at the age of 21, Nelson quickly moved his way up to a position as a financial adviser and was consistently the top in sales in his region.  He realized that his choice in banking did not offer the growth and opportunity that he desired therefore, he moved back to Phoenix, Arizona and began working in the marketing and sales industry.  Through hard work and dedication, Nelson built Alpha Marketing Strategies from the ground-up and he continues to lead through a "player-coach" dynamic, preferring to get in the trenches with his team and always valuing the influence of leading by example.

McKenzie Comfort is from Lake Saint Louis, MO and was born with entrepreneurship in her blood.  She attended the University of Missouri-Columbia where she majored in strategic communications. When she was 18, she started her own company that included a clothing line she marketed and sold online while collaborating with a number of marketing teams, alcohol companies, and cast members of MTV's Real World to promote the brand. After two years, McKenzie decided to explore a career opportunity that would allow her to not only establish success for herself, but to help others develop their own potential as well.  Since joining the company, McKenzie has helped to launch campaigns in a variety of markets including St. Louis, Nashville, and Minneapolis.  In October 2016, McKenzie relocated to Sacramento to help the company expand again and is now in charge of the AT&T campaign for the entire region.  A renegade in her field, a visionary in her market, and an idealist in her belief in her people, McKenzie plans to use her marketing skills and passion for the development of others to run a company that is an excellent representation of their client while training each team member on every aspect on how to run a company so that they can eventually run their own.  

McKenzie Comfort


Shreyarthi Surawala

 Junior Partner

Alice King

Jonathan Maiden

HR Guru

Executive Leader